The Sims 4 base game is now free to play! Head over to the EA app and download your free Sims 4 game. If you need some new builds in your new game, keep reading!

If you’re new to the game, you’ll probably have noticed the included premade builds are probably a bit bland. The idea is that you should redecorate or rebuild them yourself, however some people may not be inclined to do that. Lucky for us, there is a plethora of creative types that share their builds with you and the Sims has made it easy for us to find them and add them to our game with the Gallery.

How to download lots from the Gallery:

  1. Open your game
  2. In the Sims 4 dashboard, click the “Gallery” link (alternatively visit the Gallery at
  3. Find a build or a household that you like and click on “Save to my library” at the bottom of the window
  4. Load your game, find the lot where you’d like to place the build
  5. Open your gallery (click F4 or click on the lightbulb icon on the upper right corner)
  6. Click on “My Library” tab, and look for the lot that you saved. Open up this link.
  7. Click “Place lot” from the bottom right and select the lot you would like to add it to. If there is an existing build on the lot, you can replace it. You can also click “Place lot and edit” which will immediately bring you to this lot in build mode for you to edit.
  8. Note that if there is a family living on that lot, they will have to be able to afford the lot you’re replacing their home with. You can evict the family, or if you’d like to play with this household, use a cheat to get around this. Open your cheat window and type in “freerealestate on”. For PC users the cheat window is CTRL SHIFT C. These instructions vary for console.
  9. Add a household to the lot if there isn’t one already and have fun!

Tip: You can see which packs this build uses in the main window. If the build uses a pack you do not own, you can still download it, the item from that pack will either not appear or be replaced with a similar substitute. If you click on one of these icons, there is a button on the next page that says “show used items”. Click on this to see what item from this pack is used in this build.

Download some builds

Since you are reading this, you are probably looking for some builds. Take a look at my Sims Gallery (my EA ID is simdaisies) to see my builds, or peruse the builds I have in this blog. They should come with direct links to Gallery. If you only have the base game, I’ve compiled a small list of the builds I have online that do not use any other pack except for the Base Game.

Willow Creek – The Arbour House
Terraza Verde
3 Foundry Cove (Budget)
2 Foundry Cove
Doveton Hall
Sunnyside Boardwalk
Hopeful Prospect
Elm Manor

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