To install a lot into your game follow these instructions: 


  • Open your Gallery in the Sims 4 and load your world
  • Click on “Save lot to your library”
  • turn on Move Objects by typing into the cheat window bb.moveobjects on
  • Use “Place Lot” to add directly to your game

Tray Files

  •  Download the zip file
  • Open the zip and extract the “Tray” folder into your Sims 4 documents folder here   Documents Â» Electronic Arts Â» The Sims 4
  • run your game, or reload your gallery, and look for the lot in your library.
  • turn on Move Objects by typing into the cheat window bb.moveobjects on
  • Place in the world and enjoy!  


Why do I have to turn on Move Objects?

Advanced builders will use the cheat “bb.moveobjects on” while building for more refined placement of objects, or to create interesting build features and objects. Because this is a cheat, a build may not behave as intended when you bring that build over into your game, if the cheat isn’t turned on. Most often, without turning this cheat on before placing, you’ll find the build with missing objects such as doors or windows.

Turning on Move Objects ensures that you are bringing in the build as the builder intended it to be seen.

How do I turn on Move Objects (MOO)?

Open the cheat window ctrl+shift+c.
Type in “bb.moveobjects on“.

To turn this off, type in “bb.moveobjects off“.

How can my Sims afford your build?

Here are some solutions:

a) Play your Sims as normal and have them earn enough to purchase a build.

b) While in game play, use the cheat code “motherlode” a few times. Alternatively, type in “testingcheats on” and then “money {number}”. Replace {number} with the simoleon amount. Turn off testing cheats by typing “testingcheats off“.

c) Use this cheat in the world view – “freerealestate on

What are “debug objects”?

Debug objects are decorative objects in the game that are not included in build/buy mode. You may see most of these objects out in the world outside of the lot, such as rocks and plants. These objects cost §0, so it’s a great way for builders to decorate and not add additional cost to the build.

To see hidden objects in your buy catalog, use bb.showhiddenobjects. This usually displays extra decorative objects, trophies and crafted items.

To see world objects such as plants, rocks, or building elements in your buy catalog, use this cheat – bb.showliveeditobjects

Note: You do not need to use these cheats if you are placing a build with debug objects included on it. If a debug object does not display in the build you downloaded, you may not have the pack installed that the debug object belongs to.

Can I edit your build?

Please do! I encourage customizing my build for your gameplay.

Can I reupload your build?

I have no issues with my builds being reuploaded to the gallery IF you’ve redecorated it or made some unique changes to the lot and the build is still recognizable as mine. I’d appreciate credit if you do so.

Can you make a build for me?

I’ll offer to build for followers occasionally, but most likely no.

How do I build this? Where can I find that?

Head over to my Tumblr and Ask Me Anything.

To report any issues with this website, or the lots, contact me.

Please note I cannot provide technical support for any game-related issues. I recommend getting in touch with EA Help if you’re experiencing any problems with the game. 

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