So here it is in short: Tumblr wants to sell ads. It couldn't do it along side the 22% of â€œadult content” that was viewed on this site (as per the Vox article previously linked). They want to double the user base by 2019 (ha!) and they want to be able to monetize them. Hence the adult content ban. :p

There are so many problems with this approach, which I'm sure you're sick of me railing about.  I totally understand they need to make money. I don't even mind ads. Tumblr is a decent platform to be honest and I love the simblr community, but I'm not sure if I want to be supporting a platform that thinks â€˜female-presenting nipple” is a bad thing.

So here's some blog alternatives (this list is mostly for myself tbh, and based on my direct experience).  The caveat is that there will always be something wrong, and no social media is perfect and I understand I'm still in a reactionary phase of the tumblr news.  I'll add/edit this as I get more information. Please feel free to comment on this with your experiences and suggestions or recommend me another channel to explore.

I've added my personal links not for promo purposes, but for reference 


Pros: easy to set up, big big reach, the Simgurus use it frequently, can post short videos, some images
Cons: not great for archiving, long-form story posts, you can only upload 4 pics, very little personalization. Very â€œnoisy” and difficult to filter.

(my hosted WP sims website, my art site also uses WP)

Pros: Content management platform choice of many artists, writers, and they've been at it for years. Many personalization options, you can upgrade for more stuff, you can host your own wordpress site if you're very particular (like I am), great for long-form content, posting images and what more organizing your images on the post.
Cons: A bit of a learning curve, foraying into plugins can get tricky, 3gb of media storage (not great if you want to post a ton of screenshots, to get around that, you have to be more diligent about optimizing your pics and being picky about what gets uploaded).  Community aspect and tools is not so great right now.  There is a mobile app but it's crashy on my android phone.

(IMO, Twitter + WordPress seems to be an appealing solution to me. There's already a big sims community on Twitter)

(my highly customized Sims 2 DW)

Pros: Have been around for years, community circles is a decent way to follow simmers you like, pretty easy to set up and get going, so far they have the best ToS and mission statement I've read (I really admire these people!), you can add your own custom CSS
Cons: A whole 500mb for images. That's like 2 screenshots (i'm exaggerating). The templates were shit for 2005, and they haven't updated their themes much (you can customize, and find other themes from 3rd parties).  No mobile app. Mobile sites are blegh.  Small team, but support is community driven I believe.

(Dreamwidth seems to be the last-picked kid on the sports team who actually does a great job, but they're a little nerdy, or the â€œfriendzoned” person, who will happily be there for you to hang out and listen when the popular social network you were hanging out with got too big for you and started imposing all these restrictive rules.)


(I haven't used this much myself)

Pros: Google owned, easy to set up, there are some excellent Sims blogs on blogspot already.
Cons: Limited design options, what happens when Google gets bored of this service?


Pros: LJ communities?
Cons: Servers are in Russia, so LJ is subject to Russian law. It's concerning to me, and no  I'm not leaving Tumblr for LJ.


Pros: Easy uploading of pictures. You can add descriptions to each photos to create sequential stories.  Decent mobile app.
Cons: No personalization.  So many trolls. So much crap.


(my art instagram)

Pros: Big community,  create stories, add videos, add multiple images to a post
Cons mobile only uploading (immediately disqualifies them for me, yes there are 3rd party apps that help you upload from desktop, but depending on the app you use, if it's not supported by instagram, you risk your content being deleted.)  Not great for archived storytelling.  Owned by Facebook. Please see their ToS, their â€œadult content” guidelines are just as restrictive.


Pro: See twitter. Not corporation owned. Open source.
Cons: Micro blogging platform, similar to Twitter but it's a pain in the ass to navigate around.  As far as I know, there's no Mastodon.thesims servers yet.


DA was supposed to be a social network for artists and it's failing at that. I won't recommend it as a replacement for a gaming blog.


Pros: It's new and shiny.
Cons – $5 to sign up.  It's new.


Social network for creatives. No mobile app. I'm still exploring.

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