Just a few pics of the houses I’ve built for the first gen Marlens and Markellys. They aren’t up for upload because I built them with the sims living on the lot and they’re really customized for my Sims anyway.

The Markelly house:

Moar pics this-a-way….

I moved Brandon, Felicia and Tyler out of their condo because of excess glitches. Instead of moving them back in, I renovated an old lot of mine for them.

I wish I had their living room. :D

The Marlen house
(as seen in the last story update)

I am also testing this new downtown club that I’ve built to replace Crypt O’Night. Though I’ll be honest, i’m not sure of this one. It lags a lot in my game and no townies end up hanging out here, even though it’s the same lot size as Crypt O’Night.

I’ve been fooling around with my in-game born Sims extracted with SimPE, just trying out new clothes and styles. So of course, I have a bunch of them that can be ready to be packaged *if* by any weird chance anyone wants them. I personally love these Sims because I think they look unique and I’d have never come up with how they look in body shop. I also have a funny sense of attachment to them, which is why I haven’t thrown them up to download or really ‘whored’ my legacy out. In any case, if anyone wants any of my Sims, just ask.

BTW, The Sims 3 comes out next week. I’ll still be here though, building Sims 2 lots until I can afford a new computer that can play ts3. Ah well! T-T

PS: lj cuts will stay in livejournal land now. :D

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  1. I promise I’m almost done spamming <_<

    I like the modern building, we don’t really have any houses like that here (in Norway that is) so I’m always quite interested in looking at houses with the style. I also like the second house, it looks like a modernized standard Norwegian house! (And I have actually seen some houses like that).

    However, my absolute favourite must be the club/diner at the very end, not only because it looks like something from both New York and London, but also because it looks a lot like a certain street we have in Norway :) I really like the atmosphere of it (but then, I love anything that’s urban ^^)

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