I took advantage of Origin Game Time to play the Sims 4 for free (for 48 hours). I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Sims 4 anytime soon, but I really wasn’t going to resist trying it out for a few hours this weekend.

The best part of this version of the Sims, hands down, was character creation. It’s really fun, and I think it’s done well this time around. I know some Simmers prefer more realism, but I love this style. I don’t feel I need to enhance it with custom skin-tones and textures like I felt I had to do with the other Sims games.

So I recreated some of my favourite Sims. ^_^



Building a lot was actually kind of fun. Because I had a limited time to play, I didn’t explore as many building options I would have liked so I just built something familiar and small (with the ‘motherlode’ cheat). I didn’t mind the preset colours/patterns that were available for each object or build tool, but I also missed the versatility of Sims 3 Create-a-style. Again, I’m a big fan of the over-all style. Also loved that there was a section in “Decorations” for Clutter.

Sims 4 house
My first Sims 4 house


Unfortunately, the actual game play was kind of boring. I’m just too spoiled on the Sims 3 open world. Load screens between visiting lots took me right out of the game and I didn’t find it fun.

I did throw these five characters in a house and play with them for a bit. Watching them was kind of neat, so maybe it isn’t really suited for a solo Sim game.  Alas, it was only a limited time freebie, so I couldn’t play for longer.

01-24-15_8-08 PM-4
Gabe and Rowan, bro-ing it out.


Except for my Sims, I don’t think I’ll miss Sims 4. It’s not worth $70 (CAD) to me for the Deluxe edition. Maybe if there was an open world expansion pack possibly, but right now, it’s a “meh”.

Sims 4 Mela in Willow Creek
My Sim-self is unimpressed by the pretty scenery


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