As a long-time Sims player and builder, I like to have all the expansions and game packs, simply because every one adds a little more depth to the game play and building. For the most part, I’ve had fun with all of them, however once in a while I’ll think of some of the stuff packs I have and wonder if it was worth it.

“Worth it” can be subjective. The stuff packs are the least expensive content for the Sims 4, and they generally only have “stuff”, such as furniture or clothing. One or two will introduce some interactable objects and game play enhancements such as the Photography career that came with the Moschino packs. Depending on how you play your game though, there are some stuff packs you can definitely skip.

The video goes into it a little more, but check out the slideshow below to see which of the Sims 4 stuff packs are a must-have for me and those that I could live without as a builder.

Do I need these stuff packs? Yes or no?

Speed build of the Allpacks Department Store and explainer

The “Allpacks Department Store” is available in the Gallery under EA ID: Belledaisies

This build uses 18 sims 4 stuff packs, and a few optional items from Get Famous, City Living and Get To Work. You can zone as another venue if you do not have the Get To Work EPs.

[ How to install ]

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