Last of the Simblreen builds!

When the Ophelia Villa was destroyed by a devastating act of Sim-God, the Goths rebuilt their home from the ground up.  

Built with the eclectic style of the Goths in mind, it’s perfectly suitable for any Sim family that needs a basement lab. Mind the cowplant in the backyard.

If you have Spooky Stuff, the front porch is decorated for Spooky Day

Lot type: residential
Size: 30×20
Value: §270,521
Custom Content: None
Packs used:  Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day,  Vintage Glamour, Toddler Stuff,  Kid’s Room, Romantic Garden, Movie Hangout, Spooky Stuff, Holiday pack

TOU: Enjoy my build in your game, reblog freely, give credit, do not link to this download from pay-walled sites or any sites that require a login to view.   Link back to to share this content.

Find in the Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies” 

➡️ gallery link ⬇️ download (SFS)




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