Inspired by the bahay na bato style of houses in the Philippines, this comfortable, modern version is ready for family living and entertainment.

When I read that one of the new lot traits in Sims 4 Island Living was “Ancestral Spirits” this in part inspired me to build a filipino Ancestral House, which is a house that has been kept by the same family over generations. Many Ancestral Houses are buildings called “bahay na bato” (house of stone). This architecture originated in the Spanish Colonial times, and has been influenced by the Indigenous styles, Spanish, and Chinese.

The bahay na bato is very much suited to the climate and terrain of the islands. The living quarters are on the upper floors, while storage and work areas are on the lower levels. In modern times, the lower levels can be retail store space or garages.

I wanted to create a Sulani that was very much inspired by the Philippines, and I had spent hours researching this particular style of house. As I’ve never been in one, I hope I was able to capture the spirit of this beautiful building, even as it’s a little more fixed up for a modern family.

Lot Type: Residential
Size: 40×30
Value: §151,303 
Custom Content: none
Packs used: Island Living, Get Famous, Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get to Work, Jungle Adventure, Laundry Day, Movie Hangout, Toddler Stuff
Ideal Placement: Sulani



Find this build in the Sims Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies”.

➡️ GALLERY LINK ⬇️ DOWNLOAD (mediafire)(gdrive)

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