A manor in Willow Creek built in the (North American) Second Empire style that was popular in the later quarter of the 1800s. Mansions like this are recognizable from the mansard roofing and symmetrical layout, and fell out of favour at the beginning of the 20th century.

As the America changed and the Depression happened, these big old houses were no longer upkept, and some even became derelict. The design became associated with the “haunted mansion” archetype.

The Bates Family House from the Hitchcock movie “Psycho”

This build in my game is a functional, well kept home, but it can be an excellent bed and breakfast if you’d like to zone it as a Rental.

Lot Type: Residential
Size: 30×20
Value: §127 483
Custom Content: none
Ideal Placement: Willow Creek, Pendula View

Expansion Packs: Seasons | Cats & Dogs | Get Together | Get to Work
Game Packs: Strangerville | Parenthood | Vampires | Dine Out | Outdoor Retreat
Stuff Packs: Romantic Garden | Perfect Patio


Find this build in the Sims Gallery under EA ID “belledaisies”



Floor Plan

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