You’re an anon after my own heart.  I love insane architecture. I mean, have you seen Qatar’s vagina stadium (designed by Zaha Hadid)? Alas, it’s difficult to reproduce such awesomeness, in the Sims world right now, and today we only get terrain tools.  You gave me some ideas though for non-terrain tool related builds. :O     Hangzhou Sport Park Disney Concert Hall, LA, designed by Frank Gehry Al-Wakrah World Cup Stadium, designed by Zaha Hadid ( to be built for 2022)  I’m not building a vagina stadium. Read More →

Unlike my Sims builds that were totally created with the Sims, the artwork used in those wall decor recolours is 100% mine.   I can do whatever I like with my artwork, even pulling a banksy and shredding it all up if I wanted to.   Simsdom makes money by making you view ads or selling you premium accounts to get to content that is otherwise offered for free.  If you haven’t signed up, they make you wait to download hoping you’ll get frustrated enough to sign up.  No one’s asked me if I wanted to be included in their shady links structure, and no one’s offeredRead More →

Thank you! :)  I am accepting commissions, but at a limited capacity for the moment. I may ramp this up in the future. Please send me a message if you’re interested and I can pass along the details.  HOWEVER, I am still taking requests for a bit (difference being, that I pick the style and it’s not as polished), all you have to do is ask.   You can find more details in this post.   Read More →