blackdaisies: The Goth Family  Fan art for the Sims :) Updated:  Free to use with credit to Blackdaisies in your personal stuff.  If you would like to use it for custom content, content must be free for download, not behind paywalls or links.  The Sims community has provided me with so much for my game, this is a small gift back. Thank you.  You can download the higher res version on my DeviantArt page.Read More →

Cassandra Goth (then/now?)   (Okee, I kind of debated all night whether I should share this.  I’m pretty indifferent about the end result and I know there’s so much wrong with it, but I did my best considering that I haven’t drawn in ages.  I just got a brand new spiffy Bamboo tablet to replace my 10 year old one. I spent the better part of tonight getting it to work properly with GIMP. Fun times!)Read More →