simdaisies: Denise Markelly, husband Clive Baird and their two children, Jasmine and Cecilia  (inspired by celebrity paparazzi pics. I’m probably going waaaay overboard for my magazine prop for my story but oh well. Full pic here.)  Throwback Thursday  From Sims 2, the Baird family on an outing.  Read More →

Elsewhere…  Cecilia:  “So Mom made Jasmine babysit me, as if I needed to be babysat like a stupid baby.    While she’s off getting a stupid massage ‘cause she says Dad makes her so stressed out sometimes.  Why don’t they understand that I’m stressed too!   I can be responsible and go to the Spice Market by myself!!!”  Homeless Sim:   “I may be out of line here, but you know, the number one rule for a kid being out on her own is ‘not to talk to strangers.’  Ever hear that one? ‘Cause you’re failing that right now.”Read More →

Cecilia’s first day of school, and she’s not impressed that she had to provide her own sugary breakfast cereal.   Cecilia:  *looks up Llama Loops nutritional values online*   “Why am I being fed this, this is 90% sugar?!”Read More →

Cecilia would grow up to be a social butterfly, with the insider trait.  If she were older, (and in another life), she would have made a great sorority sister.  Not much happens during the baby phase, so I will spare you screenshots of my Sims holding or cooing at the baby. Let’s just go with “time passes…”Read More →