Talula:  â€œExcuse me, Miss.”   Craig:   O_O `   Talula:  â€œIs there a reason why you're standing in our salad?”   This was going to be a very awkward night.  Player notes: This all happened because I dropped in on Craig and Morgan and both of them were sad from â€œcatching sims flirting”.  So I played out the affair (which was surprisingly very easy with Craig… shame on you, Craig…) however when he got home, Morgan looked like she had fallen asleep waiting up for him, which was kind of sad. And Craig had the want to â€œkiss Morgan”.  And yes, Morgan is pregnant, but I guessRead More →

And at this point, Morgan is feeling a little queasy and has to run to the bathroom a lot, but she's not sure if she's pregnant.    And dinner would be less awkward if the girl Craig had an affair with didn't work at the restaurant his parents took them to. Read More →

Craig decided to break things off with the other woman, but not before the damage was done.  He came home late one night, and saw that Morgan had fallen asleep waiting up for him.  He woke her up so they could talk.  Read More →

Craig and Morgan had a secret of their own that they wanted to keep from Craig's parents.  Things hadn't been going so well between them.  Left to their devices, they drifted apart, and Craig…  He had a bit of an affair. Read More →

Garret:  â€œTrying to reason with your mother is like trying to negotiate with a basket of fruit.  They're all sweet at first, but if you don't pay â€˜em attention, they go rotten.”   Talula:  â€œAnd trying to talk to your father is pretty much talking to an idiot.  The point still stands:  Jasmine is growing up like an adorable little weed.  It will be nice if she had some cousins to play with.”  Morgan and Craig: *side eyes eachother*  Talula:  â€œIn case I'm not plain enough. Grandchildren. I want more.” Read More →