Clive: “It was nice meeting your ‘friend’ today.  I just wanted to talk about something. Your granddad said the same thing to me when I was about your age…” Jasmine: “Oh god, is it ‘the talk’? Because it’s a little late for that…” Clive: “No, no, not that.  Well, maybe that.” Clive: “There will come a time soon in the future when your mother and I will be retiring. And maybe by then you’ll be settling down too.  One day, you and your kids will be inheriting the place.  Jasmine, do you know what a legacy means…?”  Jasmine: “Yes, but you’re going to give me the inspirational, parent-child speech stuffed withRead More →

Clive: “Hello Jasmine.  Have a drink.”  Jasmine: “Am I in trouble?”  Clive: “Don’t be ridiculous. You’re a grown adult. And a police officer.” Jasmine: “So I’m not in trouble. What’s in that drink?”  Clive: “Take your cop hat off for a few minutes. It’s just sparkling water.”  Read More →