Clive: … and last but not least, “In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” That was Albert Einstein.   Julian: I'm not sure how that one applies to my situation.Clive:  You'll figure it out son.  You're a man now, and you're going to have to get out there in the world and make your mark some how.  Violet will join you when she's ready.  Julian: Thanks dad. :)Read More →

Clive: Alright, you've been moping around the house all morning, and now I catch you out here talking to yourself.Julian: I was talking to Drake.Clive: Is it helping? Julian: Not really. Do you have any words of affirmation for me too? Clive: Son. Do you know what I did for a living before I retired?Julian: You were the CEO of a multi-billion simoleon corporation.Clive:  That's right, I was a simple salesman.   Clive: And if there's one thing I've learned as a salesperson, it's motivational quotes and words of affirmation. Read More →

Julian: So after all that, I tried to tell Violet that I was an alien, but at the last minute, I … I just couldn't do it.   I just hate hiding my true nature, especially from Violet…. what am I supposed to do?  Jasmine:  Oh wait, you were actually talking to me??…I mean… there there Julian, *unconvincing* it will all work out.  Just be yourself and all that…Read More →