Wren: I’m a skeptic of everything. I trust nothing and no one.Luna: You can’t even trust me? Wren: To tell the truth, you haven’t given me much to go on. You still haven’t told us the reason we were in Selvadorada or what you do for a living. Luna: And you really actually think I’m a government spy? Wren:  I have to assume you are from all the secret agent assignments in your email.Luna: Wait… you’ve been hacking into my emails?! Wren: Your password was “Q🍎9%UdIha8!@14yDa” it wasn’t that hard.  How are you a government spy and so bad at email security?  * Wren is a conspiracy theorist not aRead More →

Luna: This is amazing! I’ve always thought I was the only one!  Are you from the home world?  How did you get here? Do you have a way to get home…?Julian: Well… technically this is my home. I was born here. My father was pollinated.Luna:  Pollinated! Just like my father in Selvadorada! …  Wait a minute… Wren knows about you?Julian: Well yes. We’re cousins. Read More →