Player notes: This is one of the first lots I’ve created when I started playing TS4 again. I’m still working on it. The back of the lot still needs love, but I have a few ideas for that. If I could sit down and finish it, I’ll share it eventually. Read More →

The original Craig Baird from my Sims 2 game (and Jodie).  He was a bit of a weird one. He has what we in the Sims 2 world called â€œFirst Born Syndrome”. It was a bug/quirk/thing with the game where if you didn’t play your game in a certain sequence, all sims born would look like the first born. That’s what happened with Craig; he’s pretty much a clone of Clive. In any case, I tried to make Craig’s personality different in Sims 2, by giving him different clothes and his own story in University. He ended up with a Uni townie and they moved offRead More →

Jessie Baird, Sims 2 to Sims 4.   In sims 2, when Jessie left college, the first thing she did was marry her college sweetheart and spawn 2 kids. This time around, she’s going to enjoy her young adulthood carefree and single. If she meets another sim to share her life with down the life, she’ll cross that bridge then. I didn’t â€œcheat” Jessie in Sims 4 to look more like her Sims 2 counterpart, just like Craig and Jodie. I think they all came out to resemble their Sims 2 versions in their own Sims 4 way.  Read More →

Elf and Colin from Sims 2 Rebooted in Sims 4, they’re still very much an adorable couple, and their kids are perfect, and except for Rowan’s hair colour, no cheating genetics required.Read More →

I forgot to queue my pics for today so there’s a bunch incoming starting tomorrow.   But while I’m here, I want to thank you for indulging me playing my game and making up stories again around what my simmies are doing.   Those who’ve been leaving notes, ((hugs)) Read More →

I’m actually having a lot of fun playing this â€œlegacy”, so I figure I’d take it a little more seriously. Not like elaborate sim-story serious, but I could make this an official legacy with some kind of plan. A brief history; this legacy actually started back in Sims 2.  It ended with a long sims story in Generation 3 that I stopped writing a few years ago, and which sadly I have no idea what to do with anymore now that my Sims 2 neighbourhood is unloadable.  I figured because Sims 4 seems so fun right now, I’ll start from the beginning with the Baird founders. However, untilRead More →