simdaisies: Impromptu trip to Al Simhara.  I also kind of wanted to put them in those outfits.  >_>   Throwback to Jasmine and Adrian traveling the world since the Sims 3. :D Read More →

simdaisies: Sims 2 Townies Reboot I re-made some of the Sims 2 townies in Sims 4. I know this has probably been done before, but this is my version of them.   Meadow Thayer (Teen) – Big Happy Family / cheerful / romantic Komei Tellerman (YA)- Fabulously Wealthy / neat / mean / active  Goopy Gilscarbo (YA) – Nerd Brain / outgoing / slob/ goofball You can find them on the Gallery; “Townies” under my EAid “belledaisies”  It should be basegame friendly. No custom content. [ Direct Link ] Read More →

simdaisies: Marcus and Marcella Tremaine.   The “other children” of Sibyll Tremaine created in Sims 3 to be the vampire population for my world, Auberon.   I told their story eventually here: The Tremaine Story.Read More →