Rowan: “YO YO YO YOOOOOO”  Willow: “Hi Rowan.”  Rowan: “Was I interrupting something. Like you know. Something-something?!” Willow: … Rowan: “If I was, I’m not sorry.”  Willow: “Gabriel, this is my brother, Rowan.”  Rowan: “Gabriel? This guy??? Come on Willow, you can do better.”  Gabriel: “Heh, I’m sooo glad I helped you find him.”   Rowan: “I know, I’m charming.” Read More →

Rowan: “I wanted you to meet my boy. Sage, say hello to Aunt Willow.” Sage: “Wiw-wohhh!!!” Willow: “This… this is so unexpected!” :D  Meadow: “Yeah, that’s what Rowan said too.”   Read More →

Rowan had something else he wanted to tell his sister before she left for home.  Willow: “Where are we going? Um… and are you sure this neighbourhood is… safe?”  Rowan: “Oh what that guy? He got hit in the head a few too many times, but he won’t bother us.”  Rowan: “Don’t even worry about it Willow. This hood is safe. I’ll show you.” Read More →

Rowan has made something of a life for himself in the city. He doesn’t have a real job, but he gets by selling his art, and makes a little bit occasionally DJing at the night club in the Spice Market.Read More →

*knock knock knock knock* “What?!!!!”  Willow: “Rowan? Are you in there?” Rowan: “Oh.  Hey.”  (Catch up –  Marlen’s Story)Read More →

“You know, I try to ignore them, honestly. I get it, they’re in luuuurve and want to rub it in everyone’s faces. Actually no… I shouldn’t feel this way. They’re getting married and I’m happy for them.  Except…”  “Not sure if I should say anything. But one morning,  Clive went off to work and Denise was getting ready to go.” “I heard her in the washroom…”  “I think there’s something wrong with her.”  Read More →