Inspired by Chinatown neighbourhood in Manhattan, NYC and ready to be explored. At street level, there’s a restaurant, a tea café, and a convenience store that is currently closed. Around the corner, you’ll find apartment buildings, which includes one converted into a modern loft with beautiful views of the city.Read More →

A modern Vancouver inspired restaurant styled with West Coast Modern architecture and decor. This style of architecture is noted for it’s use of natural materials, practical engineering suitable for the Pacific coast climate and large windows facing scenery. Though this isn’t in a “natural” setting per se, San Myshuno is the best representation for the Canadian West in the game, and our diverse, cosmopolitan cities are just as Canadian as our forests and mountains. (Also, other than Granite Falls, which is a Vacation hood, I couldn’t find a proxy in the Sims 4 for a rural Pacific Northwest world, but now that’s we’ve done “tropical”Read More →

Winterfest is here, for everyone from Willow Creek to San Myshuno.   Featuring the new objects that were made available in the recent Holiday Celebration pack update, I decorated a boho style apartment in the Spice Market and went overboard with the holiday cheer!   Lin-z, play some Winterfest tunes!  This two bedroom apartment is ready for a small family or roomies.  This apartment only uses items from base game, City Living (it’s an apartment!) and the free Holiday pack.   Bedrooms:  2Location:  2B Jasmine Suites in the Spice Market Value: §52,265Custom Content: nonePacks used:  City Living,  Holiday Celebration Pack Find “Spice Market Holiday” in the Gallery under EARead More →