Reed: Mom said we weren’t allowed to go here alone.Sage: We’re not alone. You’re with me. Aunt Willow’s cool with it. Reed: I’m not sure about that …  Sage: I just wanna take a look and then we’ll go home. Don’t worry, kid, if you stick close we’ll be fine.  Read More →

Sage: Holy crap, this place is ginormous. Reed: Does anyone live here?Sage: Your mom said no one’s lived here for a long time.  I think they’re fixing it up to be some kind of hotel, but they had to stop… I dunno.Reed: It looks unsafe. And kinda haunted.Sage: Why, are you scared, kid? Reed: Stop it, am not. Read More →

Willow and Gabriel We finally have autumn in this legacy! Willow is in the medical field and Gabriel was recently promoted to project manager in the tech career.  They’ve moved from the old country side cottage to the Island district in Windenburg to raise their family.  It’s a brisk Sunday morning, but they find a way to stay warm. Read More →

It doesn’t happen often now, but occasionally Cecilia is visited by the ghosts of her loved ones.  They didn’t have the best of mother/daughter relationships, but she does miss her mom.Read More →