Denise: â€œI'm not sure if I'm okay.  I don't know if I'm ready for this yet.” Clive:  â€œIt's not a perfect situation, but what ever is? We'll buy some books and learn together.”  Denise:  â€œAnd what about the wedding?”  Clive:  â€œWe can postpone it.  This way we can save some money to make more room for the baby.”  Denise:  â€œWhy are you so okay with all of this?”  Clive:  â€œIf you don't know me by now,  I always plan ahead, and for every contingency.  We'll be okay.”   Denise:  â€œAs long as you're in this with me.”  Clive: “100 percent.”     Read More →

Denise:  â€œI don't see what's so funny.”  Clive: â€œI'm sorry.  I am, and … well, don't get me wrong. This is great news. I think.  The first thing I thought of was my Mom telling me how Dad nearly had a heart attack when he found out she was having me.”  Denise:  â€œThis is… great news?”  Clive: â€œYeah. Yeah it is.  When I asked you to marry me, I hoped kids was in the package. Just didn't expect it this soon.  Are you okay?”   Read More →

Denise:  â€œNo! I mean, yes I did! But there's a reason for that.  I'll just say it… Clive, I'm pregnant.”  Clive: â€œâ€¦â€ Denise:  â€œâ€¦ ?”  Clive:  *chuckling* Read More →

Clive was tired when he got home from work and wanted to go straight to bed.  Denise caught him before he did though.  Talula was right, she had to tell him. But the idea of that made her more nervous than she's ever been in her life.   Denise:  â€œDo you remember that time we were getting pretty intimate and the try-for-baby option came up we thought we were using protection but really we were just being clumsy and lazy about it and stuff kind of flew out the window…?” Clive: â€œLiterally. But that wasn't the one time.”   Denise: â€œWell… ”  Denise: â€œ…This happened.”  Clive:  â€œThis? What's this?Read More →

Talula:  â€œTell me honestly,  you've pretty much wrecked my toilet beyond repair …  but how are you feeling?”  Denise:  â€œMe? I'm feeling great! It was just probably something I ate…”  Talula: â€œOh honey, please. I'm not that blonde.”  Denise: ???  Talula:   â€œWell, you need to see a doctor. And then one of us will need to tell my son that I'm going to be a Grandma.  I think he'll take it better coming from you.”  Earlier…Read More →

Denise tries to be helpful and attempts to make fruit salad.   Despite being a young adult, she's never cooked anything in her life.  Her family caterer leaves a week's worth of french toast and lobster thermidor in their fridge.   This is pretty terrible.  Read More →