Later, Jasmine convinces Gabriel to meet up for the Humour and Hijinx Festival in the Spice Market.   Gabriel doesn’t look sure about this. Jasmine:  “Come on let’s goooooo…” Gabriel:  “Wait up!” (Some incoming Jasmine and Gabriel at the Humour & Hijinx Fest spam :D)  [ continue to the next part ] [ Legacy chapter list ] Read More →

The family heads to the park to celebrate Jasmine’s  birthday.  Gabriel:   “Happy birthday, kiddo.”  Jasmine: “Holy geez, when did you get so tall?” Read More →

Brandon Markelly finds the courage to ask out his co-worker, fellow Doctor Felicia Lemay.  After nearly a lifetime, he is dating again.   (Felicia Lemay is also recreated from Sims 2.  I’ve gotten attached to this version of Brandon, and I wanted him to find love. :D  Their original story is here >> )Read More →