Later… Adrian:  â€œI know this kinda sounds weird, but I get the feeling we've done this before.” Jasmine: â€œI have no idea where you'd get that. Anyway, you really don't have to walk me home. I don't live in the city, I'll find my way.”  Adrian: â€œI wasn't planning on it, you're the one going my way. I'm sure you can take care of yourself. Just put some ice on that ankle.”  Jasmine: â€œI don't need ice… never mind. Good night.”  Adrian: â€œWell… good game. Night.” Jasmine: â€œI let you win you know!” [ Continue to Part 7 ] [ Start from the Top ]Read More →

Adrian: â€œYou sure you're okay?” Jasmine: â€œDon't  look at me like that… I said I'm fine.” Adrian:  â€œOK, I believe you.”  Jasmine: â€œI can keep playing. I'll take you on, buddy…”  Adrian:  â€œMy name is Adrian. And are you sure?”  Jasmine: â€œAre you?! Let's go!” Read More →

Jasmine: â€œI'm fine!!! I'm totally fine. Look at me getting up, I'm absolutely fine.”   â€œThat looked like it hurt.”  Jasmine: â€œNope. I'm good!”  She actually wasn't. Read More →