Cecilia: â€œOh.. that's great! Hey, let me buy you a coffee and I wouldn't mind hearing your ideas!”  Wesley: â€œIt's really not necessary…” Wesley was gone as almost as soon as she stood up.  [ Legacy chapter list ] [ Go to Part 3 ]Read More →

Cecilia: â€œI'm not trying to make people feel guilty! I'm trying to make people more aware.” Wesley: â€œThey're aware, and they may agree with you. But if you're using the same approach with everyone else as you attempted with me, you're going to be facing a lot of defensive people. Just like you are right now.”  Cecilia: â€œI'm not defensive. I'm totally being open minded here! You're being defensive!” Wesley: â€œOkay.”  Wesley: â€œFor what it's worth, I agree with you.” Cecilia: â€œYou do?” Read More →

Cecilia: â€œDid you know 4 in 10 children are sent to school with at least one need bar in the red…?  I guess you wouldn't be interested in hearing about that, would you. What is it with Sims? Everyone gets so upset when some random post shows up on their simblr, but when it comes time to actual political action, they never have the time to talk about it face to face. And they especially don't have the time to do anything meaningful about it when I know perfectly well they have the time, the money and the authority to do so?! ”  Wesley: â€œDo you thinkRead More →

Julian: â€œTell me again how holding up these signs in a threatening manner and shouting angrily at people through that loudspeaker helps bring empathy to your cause?”  Cecilia: *loudspeaker* “IT'S NOT JUST MY CAUSE JULIAN, IT'S FOR THE CHILDREN OF ALL SIMS. DON'T YOU WANT A BETTER WORLD FOR YOUR CHILDREN SOME DAY?” Julian: “I'm not sure I'm allowed to pollinate on this world.” Cecilia: “DON'T BE SILLY JULIAN, OF COURSE YOU ARE. PURPLE ALIENS SHOULD HAVE THE SAME RIGHTS AS ANY SIM!” Julian: “I thought we were keeping that a secret.”  Cecilia: “OH. RIGHT.” Read More →

Part of Cecilia's duties was to meet people and talk about the changing neighbourhood. It was a little awkward, as the Bairds'  house on Cypress Terrace was the only thing that changed about the neighbourhood.  The Cerdas had recently moved into the grand Oakenstead mansion.  Amy was their oldest daughter, and finally someone who was actually interested in what Cecilia had to say.  It was a pleasant change.Read More →