simdaisies: “Bella and Mortimer – After Dark”  Those who got Simblreen treats from me got a preview of this drawing. I’m a bit impatient to share it, so here it is now.  I’m glad you all liked this artwork! If you trick-or-treat this weekend (Saturday, Oct 27th and Sunday Oct  28th) for Simblreen you’ll get a preview of another piece in the â€œAfter Dark” theme. :D   ( If you’re visiting from my Twitter and not sure what Simblreen is, check out this guide. ) Thank you all! Read More →

“ Sleep. Those little slices of death. How I loathe them. “     ~ from  Nightmare On Elm Street 3 (1987), misattributed to Edgar Allen Poe.  The porch light will be on again tomorrow if you missed today. I had a lot of fun tonight!  If I missed you, I apologize, and please ask again.  Thanks for dropping by!Read More →

Noir Bay

Lot type: caféSize: 30×30Value: §204,346Custom Content: nonePacks used:  Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out, Spa Day, Outdoor Retreat, Laundry Day, Toddler Stuff, Bowling Night, Vintage Glamour, Kids Room, Movie Hangout, Romantic Garden, Holiday stuff  Read More →