As you noticed, storymode is now on again and the queue is being filled. I still have a back log of screenshots from about when Seasons was released, so I’m posting them in a way that makes sense to me. For the next little while, I’ll be queuing 6 per day.   There’s a tiny bit of plot in there, but it’s all for fun, so don’t expect it to get too deep.   Feel free to mute #simdaisies-legacy if you don’t want these posts in your timeline. I’m currently on Part 6 of Gen 3, and I imagine Gen 4 will most likely start in DelRead More →

Re Democracy portraits/freedom faces/ vote vignettes  Thank you very much for voting in your midterms, America! I had to say something in my own small way because as you may or may not know your politics do affect us north of the border too.  I’m closing the portrait list so I can work on them this week. I’ll be posting them on Twitter and on my art tumblr @blackdaisies.  Next week is all about the new terrain editing patch so you know I’ll be all over that until Get Famous comes out.  Thanks again guys!   Read More →

Hi guys. I’m sorry I took down the links to my wall decor.   Linking to my Sims builds are one thing, but I do NOT want any other sites like Simsdom making money off of my original artwork.   I love sharing my art with you, and I wanted to share them freely in game, but my art is still highly personal to me and the idea that unauthorized sites are making money off of it is shit.   I’ll add the posts again in a few days in a way I can control them.   I’m really really sorry to the people who’ve visited my site throughRead More →

My fan art of Lilith and Caleb are now gracing my banner in preparation for Simblreen! :D  Now that TG is out of the way, I’m concentrating on Halloween!  I plan on participating at least one day on both weekends, hopefully.  I may not have as much as other content creators may, but I’m here for the Halloween spirit!   Read More →