I made a vacation home in Selvadorada with the new Caribbean stuff.  Sorry this isn’t a fancy post, I’ve been spending more time drawing lately. If you’d like this lot, it’s called “Belomisio Hideaway” and you can download it from the gallery under my EA ID “Belledaisies”.  More screenshots here: https://imgur.com/a/CI2PLptRead More →

Follower gift: I will draw your Sim as a mermaid Hi everyone. I just remembered that I kind of signed up for #Mermay. Obviously I’m not drawing a mermaid every day this month, but I’d like to draw some mermaids. Because mermaids.  So… I didn’t have a 900 follower gift idea until now.  Send me your Sim. Any Sim, from any of the Sims games. If you want a premade Sim drawn, that’s cool too.  I will draw them as a mer-person.   :D Rules:  1) Follow one or all of my blogs @simdaisies @simtopi @lululounge  2) Leave some kind of note on this post.  (comment,Read More →

Linnea and Lucas Fyres-Baird are the kids of Craig Baird (Gen 2 spare, 3rd-born) and Morgan Fyres.  I had recently been playing this family, and kind of fell in love with these kids.  Since I’ll probably not be spending a lot of time screencapping their lives, I thought I’d share them in the Gallery.  I love their faces.  Lucas, the older sibling, is funny and outgoing and looking to become a comedian.  Linnea is in her late teens,  and though she’s unsure of her future at this point, she has a bit of a creative streak and may follow in her older brother’s footsteps.  YouRead More →

Willow Creek’s Commercial District This is how I built this neighbourhood in Willow Creek.  It includes the Purification Facility Spa, Cardock’s Café, Takemizu Sushi (restaurant), and the Bellestone.   Takemizu Sushi and the Purification Facility are available in the Gallery. Look for them under my EA ID “Belledaisies”. Watch the video for the fancy tour.   One day I will have fancy download post for these lots.  That day is not today, however.Read More →

I’ve cleaned up and uploaded this restaurant. It’s now named “Madame Peaches Resto” and has no CC.  The final version of the restaurant includes objects from City Living.  You can find it on the gallery: “Madame Peaches Resto” EAid “belledaisies”.   And making these quick video tours (set to music, no narration), has become a fun hobby.  Please check it out and ‘like’ if you’d like to see more! /shameless plug :D  Read More →

“The Autumn Victorian"  Type: Residential HouseLot size: 30×30Price Furnished/Unfurnished: §69 760 / §45 348Custom Content: NoneBedrooms: 3 (+1 Garden House)EPs Required: Ambitions, World Adventures, Late Night More pics at my Sims blog This is a 3 bedroom home, but there is also a garden house that your sims could use as a workshop, storage room or a guest house.  There is no CC, and decorating is fairly minimal. Please do improve it, I encourage you to go nuts! If you do download and play this lot, tag me if you post screenshots to tumblr. I’d love to see what you do with it.   I hopeRead More →