simdaisies: I've been meaning to archive the residents of Auberon, so here they are, starting with the Sims of the Trinity Valley neighbourhood.   29 Thessaly St – Hiroshi Saton, Maggie Stemple and Eddie Rosenberg9 Monarch St – Sean and Joshua Gibson141 Holy Park Ave – Alexa Daring51 Thessaly St – Nicholas Gale82 Holly Park Ave – Tessa and Valerie Gallant (Shown without CC, except for the skintones.  I'm really loving Blueberry Pie skins, so they're my new defaults. ^_^) Throwback to the Sims I made in Sims 3 for my world. I actually miss these Sims. <3Read More →

simdaisies: Impromptu trip to Al Simhara.  I also kind of wanted to put them in those outfits.  >_>   Throwback to Jasmine and Adrian traveling the world since the Sims 3. :D Read More →

blackdaisies: Drawn for @phoenixfg of her Sim, Amaya.   I really enjoy drawing in this style.  I'm not quite close to 1000 followers, but close enough. :D I'm opening up requests if you'd like your Sim drawn.  You must be a follower of this blog or @blackdaisies.  I won't be able to take all requests, unfortunately, but I will try. please have screenshots. More the better. You can send me a download if you'd prefer.  If I've drawn for you before, you are welcome to throw in again. To be honest, I'd love to see your most interesting Sims. I'd like to do more drawings inRead More →

I love seeing gameplay based legacy and/or other challenge type Sims stories on my dashboard. If you have one of those, or any recommendations, please let me know, I'd like to follow you! :)  Read More →

Follower gift: I will draw your Sim as a mermaid Hi everyone. I just remembered that I kind of signed up for #Mermay. Obviously I'm not drawing a mermaid every day this month, but I'd like to draw some mermaids. Because mermaids.  So… I didn't have a 900 follower gift idea until now.  Send me your Sim. Any Sim, from any of the Sims games. If you want a premade Sim drawn, that's cool too.  I will draw them as a mer-person.   :D Rules:  1) Follow one or all of my blogs @simdaisies @simtopi @lululounge  2) Leave some kind of note on this post.  (comment,Read More →