Windenburg Old Quarter is now a Christmas Market.   Credits for  the lots: Ye Olde Shope Quarters (right)- slawfishnubuOldtown Partymeile (center) – jojoberlin89Old Windenburg Library (left) – mine (EA ID belledaisies)Read More →

I haven’t yet posted a house tour of the legacy house. Talula and Garret had moved into the “Daisy Hovel” at the end of this street.  Over time, it was torn down and a more modern, but simple bungalow took it’s place. As the family brought more money in, I’d add to the decor, eventually building a basement for Clive to dwell in.  Read More →

The Inheritance Lot type: ResidentialBedrooms: 5Bathrooms: 3Lot: 40×30 Price: §85 817 Custom Content: nonePacks used: GTW, GT    So a long lost relative died and left you this old, classic mansion in their will. Sure the plumbing needs work, the cellar is creepy and the decor is non-existent, but it has everything your family needs. Where else are you going to get a five bedroom mansion with room to spare for §86k?!  Find it on the Gallery under my EAid : belledaisies  [ Direct Link ] Read More →