Last week I held a poll over the weekend to see what you'd like for your follower gift. I took your input and rebuilt the lagoon district of Newcrest! 16 people responded (thank you!), and most of you wanted me to build a residential home. Between the non-basegame venues, restaurant won, with art center, and café tying for second. You guys preferred medium lots, and Newcrest was the winner of the worlds that you'd like me to build in.  Read More →

The Rose Street House Another uniquely Canadian home: A family home based on the “Bay and Gable” Victorian  homes that are found in the older urban neighbourhoods of Toronto, Canada.  This urban house is ready for all seasons!  (Speed build coming soon to my Youtube channel) Lot type: residentialValue: §133 717Lot size: 30×20Custom Content: nonePacks used: Seasons, Cats & Dogs, City Living, Get Together, Jungle Adventures, Parenthood, Vampires, Dine Out,  Laundry Day, Vintage Glamour,  Backyard Stuff, Kids Room, Romantic Garden, Movie Night, Cool Kitchen   Find this on the Gallery under my EA ID â€œBelledaisies”Gallery  link  |  Download [ mediafire ] [ SFS ]  Floor plans below FirstRead More →

BOXI Furniture Co. A ready-to-play retail store for your Sims!  Watch Sims buy that red couch over and over again.  Self-serve cafe for the loitering types.  A playroom with a ball pit that you can ditch your kids in while you browse!   Find under EA ID “Belledaisies” # BOXIFurniture[ Gallery Link ] [ Download (mediafire) ]  See the video tour and speedbuild here:  More pictures on Imgur here: No CC, uses many packs. Unfortunately you cannot hold playdates in a furniture store (darn), but you can bring your toddlers over to use the playroom even if you have no intention of buying anything,Read More →

The suburbs reminds me of growing up.  This lot is a fast food and cinema complex, inspired by all those suburban box malls I know and kind of love, but building it brought out some nostalgia.  Read More →

Myshuno City Gardens Lot Type: Generic (City Park – This is a replacement for Myshuno Meadows)Price: §211 857Packs used: Get To Work, Get Together, City Living,  Vampires, Outdoor Retreat, Dining Out, Spa Day, Get Together, Perfect Patio, Movie Hangout, Vintage Glamour, Backyard, Romantic Garden, Custom Content: none Download from the Gallery under my EA id â€œbelledaisies”: Myshuno City Gardens[ Gallery Link ] [ Download (mediafire) ]  This is an overhaul of the Myshuno Meadows in San Myshuno.  This park includes a wedding venue, the observatory, a Victorian-esque garden, and a grand pagoda.   Video tour: Read More →