It’s close to pumpkin spice weather, so I’m making available a park I’ve had in my game for a while, now updated for Seasons. It includes a roller rink (switch it up to an ice rink for winter), a pavillion, toddler and children’s playground, wishing well, and a wedding venue.  This lot is ideal for for the Magnolia Blossoms park lot (50×50) in Willow Creek.Read More →

Windenburg Old Quarter is now a Christmas Market.   Credits for  the lots: Ye Olde Shope Quarters (right)- slawfishnubuOldtown Partymeile (center) – jojoberlin89Old Windenburg Library (left) – mine (EA ID belledaisies)Read More →

Adrian’s little sister, Angelica, coming home from the Hijinks festival and getting caught in the rain.  She didn’t have an umbrella, and got drenched, but she was happy. Read More →