Toddler Gabriel  His dad left before Gabriel got a chance to really know him. It’s been him, his mother and Grandpa Markelly since forever.  Though technically Lydia is a single parent, she’s fortunate that she gets a lot of support from her father. And that’s it for baby Gen 2 for now. I wanted to play with toddlers, thus the toddler spam, but I also still need to get to Gen 3 so those toddlers could start existing. :D Read More →

Me today:  *scrolling through twitter*  *picture of sims toddlers… eyeroll oh not another fan mockup of toddlers * *Simsgurusomeone something something TODDLER UPDATE* me: wait what? IS. THISSSS… *Simsgurusomeone something TODDLER something FREE PATCH*  me: THIS IS HAPPENING.  MUST RETWEET THIS SHIT RIGHT AWAY. *confused flailing, unsure what to tweet out first* *asks BF at home to download the new patch so I can play it as soon as I walk in door* *has a sip of water, goes back to work, scrolls through Sims tumblr/twitter/reddit all day, deletes all of evening plans to do anything actually productive*  This is Toddler Day.Read More →