“Bella and Mortimer – After Dark”  Those who got Simblreen treats from me got a preview of this drawing. I'm a bit impatient to share it, so here it is now.  * Update: Now available as prints and other products at RedbubbleRead More →

simdaisies: Newcrest Town Centre Last week I held a poll over the weekend to see what you'd like for your follower gift. I took your input and rebuilt the lagoon district of Newcrest! 16 people responded (thank you!), and most of you wanted me to build a residential home. Between the non-basegame venues, restaurant won, with art center, and café tying for second. You guys preferred medium lots, and Newcrest was the winner of the worlds that you'd like me to build in.   So I thought about it, and decided to build this area of Newcrest as a modern town centre, in addition to the residentialRead More →

This might seem  kind of shameless, but I don't care. I'm absolutely overly excited for a â€œcelebrity” themed pack for the Sims 4. It was next on my â€˜want' list, even before University!  I'm even more excited because I literally spent the past week building my own mini version of California a random entertainment themed west coast city. :DRead More →

allisas: renorasims: thesims4blogger: The Sims 4 Celebrity Superstar: Official Trailer Teaser (GIF) The Sims team have an official teaser for a new game release, showing off a Celebrity/Superstar themed trailer teaser. Full trailer and announcement coming tomorrow. Wait whaaat?!😍😱😍😱 I spot new clothes, hairstyles a fence and maybe also the siding on the building in the back?  I've never played the Superstar och Show Time packs so it'll be a completely new experience for me sim-wise. Fun! Yayyyyyy!!! (Source: http://allisas.tumblr.com/)Read More →