blackdaisies: 2 HR drawing:  Ophelia Nigmos from @strangetomato‘s JRO Family.   (I haven’t drawn in a while, and needed practice. I’m hoping to get myself motivated enough to at least do these two hours sketches.  Okay, well, mostly completed while listening to the enitre Hamilton soundtrack)   Drawn for @strangetomato (hope you like it!)  Motivating myself to draw is difficult lately, maybe if I draw more sims, it will get better. I may do this again ^_^ Read More →

blackdaisies: Bella Goth  The Sims is still my favourite fandom. ^_^ I’m happy with the drawing, but I wanted her to look more like Sims 4 Bella. I still need practice drawing likeness.   [ detail at my website ] Thank you everyone who’ve left notes on this drawing.  I haven’t been playing the Sims a lot lately… too much going on, and a lot of my spare time I’m dedicating to trying to improve my art. I’ll be doing more fan-arty type stuff in the future, so if you want to check that out, follow my art tumblr blackdaisies.  You guys are awesome. <3 Read More →

The Cordial Sisters: Friendly Competition (I said I’d have a drawing to thank everyone here for following me. :D I know the quality of the pic isn’t great, I’m sorry about that!  I had serious issues with GIMP last night which made me lose my working file. I’m also still getting back into drawing, so this was great practice. ) Thank you so much for following. <3 ETA: reuploaded :pRead More →

Cassandra Goth (then/now?)   (Okee, I kind of debated all night whether I should share this.  I’m pretty indifferent about the end result and I know there’s so much wrong with it, but I did my best considering that I haven’t drawn in ages.  I just got a brand new spiffy Bamboo tablet to replace my 10 year old one. I spent the better part of tonight getting it to work properly with GIMP. Fun times!)Read More →