I took advantage of Origin Game Time to play the Sims 4 for free (for 48 hours). I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t planning on purchasing the Sims 4 anytime soon, but I really wasn’t going to resist trying it out for a few hours this weekend.Read More →

Eastwich Village Residents: Robin and Marian  I couldn’t sleep last night so I played around with some poses and picture taking.  I’m not all that happy with these sims. I feel like I didn’t do them enough justice (in other words: half-assed).  But they’re in the world now, so people are free to do what they want with them. Read More →

simsiverse: geekycamimh: pixelpixies: s-badgirlsclub: EXCLUSIVE PICS FROM THE TRAILER.  LOOK CLOSLY GUYS WE’RE GETTING ALIENS UFDNGKDFSG I really want to see this trailer. I am surprised it comes with a new world…wait…is that a new world or is that Hidden Springs in winter?  I spy an alien and I see swimming at the beach! that looks like SV to me….SUNSET Valley covered in snow is lame to me… Is the third one a kissing booth!? ALIENS.  That is all.Read More →