For a Community of Gamers, The Sims is a Gateway to Architecture My perspective about architecture in The Sims in Metropolis Magazine written by Sanam Yar. Featuring Jason Sterling, and @simsnaction.  It’s an informative read about architecture and design in games like Minecraft and the Sims.   The article features my first version of the Bay Forest House (Mela is me). I never in my life thought I’d be interviewed in an architecture magazine. Read More →

blackdaisies: The Goth Family  Fan art for the Sims :) Updated:  Free to use with credit to Blackdaisies in your personal stuff.  If you would like to use it for custom content, content must be free for download, not behind paywalls or links.  The Sims community has provided me with so much for my game, this is a small gift back. Thank you.  You can download the higher res version on my DeviantArt page.Read More →

Me today:  *scrolling through twitter*  *picture of sims toddlers… eyeroll oh not another fan mockup of toddlers * *Simsgurusomeone something something TODDLER UPDATE* me: wait what? IS. THISSSS… *Simsgurusomeone something TODDLER something FREE PATCH*  me: THIS IS HAPPENING.  MUST RETWEET THIS SHIT RIGHT AWAY. *confused flailing, unsure what to tweet out first* *asks BF at home to download the new patch so I can play it as soon as I walk in door* *has a sip of water, goes back to work, scrolls through Sims tumblr/twitter/reddit all day, deletes all of evening plans to do anything actually productive*  This is Toddler Day.Read More →

In which I reboot my Simtopi characters and legacy from Sims 2 to Sims 4  starting from the beginning, as a brand new hood challenge.  Visit the Gallery under my EAID “belledaisies” for the sims downloads. If you’re visiting from @simtopi, note that this is an alternate universe and what happens in this world may not reflect future storylines in the Simtopi-verse.  First Generation: [ Talula and Garret ] [  Doctor Markelly ]  Generation Two (Clive): [ Recap ] [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [The Marlen’s Story] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] Generation Three (Jasmine): [ Recap ] [ Part 1] [PartRead More →