What’s this? News on my Sims News blog? (sorry about that, slight issue with a pandemic and 2020 in general). Is this … Sims? Is this EA milking the Star Wars franchise even more? Well of course it is, but will the Sims fans enjoy it? It looks good, I’ll give it that. My reaction at first blush: Don’t get me wrong, I’m intrigued, it’s interesting, but it still doesn’t feel like the Sims to me. Sorry team.Read More →

In a sort-of surprise announcement for the new year, The Sims 4 team officially announced the latest stuff pack: Tiny Living. We can now create small builds with items that are optimized for small spaces!Read More →

Leaked a month ago by various Sims blogs, and officially teased over this weekend, the next EP (E FREAKING P!!!) is officially announced. Discover University is bringing us fans the most wanted Sims 4 pack since Cats & Dogs. And Seasons. And Witches Realm of Magic.Read More →