simdaisies: Impromptu trip to Al Simhara.  I also kind of wanted to put them in those outfits.  >_>   Throwback to Jasmine and Adrian traveling the world since the Sims 3. :D Read More →

“ Shall I see you tonight, sister, bathed in magic greet?Shall we meet on the hilltop where the two roads meet? “ A dialogue… “Hello, sister.”  (Continue reading below the fold) Celeste: “Is it you, Sibyll…? It’s been too long.”  Sibyll:  “Very much so. You look well for one who’s dead.”  Celeste : “And you are as beautiful as I remember.”  Sibyll: “Yes. For someone also quite dead.”   Celeste:  “Why have we been brought here?”  Sibyll: “The whim of the powers that be, I suppose. I’ve no idea.”   Celeste : “Then I will place my trust in the Watcher.” Sibyll: “You always did. Despite everything that’s happened to us.Read More →

I wanted play my legacy today… i haven’t played in months.  My founder, Tristyn is settled nicely into family life with spouse, and annoyed sprogs who couldn’t sit still for a mother/daughters pic.  (pic left-right: Tristyn, Bronwen, Percival) Read More →

The City of Auberon: Now available for download!  Please visit my site for more information and screenshots (or click the above pic) . Please note: Auberon is now updated with more EPs. Details at Here’s the brief, for those that don’t want to leave tumblr:  World Information/ Requirements World Map: 2048×2048 (large)World Type: Late Night CityPopulation: 46 playable sims, 18 householdsPatch level:  1.57EPs: World Adventures, Ambitions and Late NightStore content:  Riverview  (world)Custom content:  none Thank you so much to Alma70 for providing some of the NPCs. <3  Terms:  Please do not alter and claim as yours. Do not redistribute to any other website (provideRead More →