Willow: “Now you know everything about me and Gabriel… but what about you and this new guy?” Jasmine: “Oh! We just started seeing each other… mind you, a lot… but it’s a start.”  Willow: “Seeing each other a lot? That sounds like serious commitment coming from you.” Jasmine: “What? No! He’s just a guy… and he might come by, want to meet him?” Willow: “‘Just a guy’ you’re sleeping with and already introducing to your family and friends?”Read More →

Jasmine and Willow meet in Newcrest.  Since they’ve aged up, they haven’t had a lot of time to catch up between careers and new relationships. Willow: “Has this place always been in Newcrest?”  Jasmine: “I think so? It looks like it’s been around forever,  but who knows, new places always seem to pop up overnight here.” Indeed. >_>Read More →

Jasmine:  “Well? What do you think? He’s PERFECT for you.”   Willow:  “I don’t know.  I’m not sure I’m ready to date yet…” Jasmine:  “Of course you are! By day one of your young adulthood, you both should be ready to be knocking out babies.  Right? Ok good, I’ll call him right now.”   Willow: “Um… I guess, maybe? But it’s kinda awkward talking about this with your Dad right there.”  Clive:  “Hi Willow.  Funny thing you know, I used to date your Mom.”   Willow:  “Hello Mr. Baird.  Yes, that is funny, totally not awkward at all.”   Read More →