Wren, Raven, and Luna will return to Oasis Spring and continue their adventures. Will Wren ever find out that Luna is an alien?  What will their kids look like?!? (it's a legacy, that's not a spoiler :P)  And will it snow in Oasis Spring?!!!! All this and more…  um… later.  Thank you for reading! :)  >> Read the Adventures of Wren and Raven (and Luna) from the beginning. (Read all my legacy posts here.  Still currently on Generation 3.)Read More →

I didn't make many edits to Wren and Raven to look like their Sims 2 versions, except for Wren's hair colour.  They were both born naturally in game (actual twins too, I didn't force that, it's like they were destined to be born twins lol), and their parents also looked different from their TS2 versions.    I wanted TS4Peregrin (their Dad) to look more half-asian when I first created him.  TS4Jodie (Mom) was born in game and not edited.  That might  sound confusing, but  this is  also Simtopi A/U, so some things are going to be different. [ reference ] [ reference 2 ] Read More →

Wren: You're not seriously stopping in here are you?Raven: C'mon bro, it probably isn't that bad. Learn to be adventurous once in a while. Wren: This place literally appeared out of nowhere overnight, I have reasons to be skeptical. Raven:  It was more like two days ago. Also I'm in the mood for nachos.Wren: Why do we have to end up at some sketchy bar for nachos?Raven: Yeah but Selvadoradan Nachos.  Wren: That's not a thing. And it's not “new” just because you put it on a different plate, call it something exotic and charge more for it. Nachos are nachos!!! Raven: Dude, whatever.Read More →

I've queued up a bunch of Wren and Raven gameplay posts and threw in some story mode too so this simblr will be active for a few days at least.  I didn't get a chance to play a lot (still busy with work, trying to sort out time management thing too), but I am having fun with them. Read More →

Stats Wren MarlenAspiration: Nerd Brain (prudent student) Traits: Self-assured, Unflirty, Genius Raven MarlenAspiration: Computer Whiz (with the program)Traits: Creative, Geek, Cheerful  Residence: Bedrock Strait, Oasis Springs + The Adventures of Wren and Raven+ All legacy chapters I only played them briefly as teenagers, not enough to gain any extra traits unfortunately. Read More →