Maudlin Hollows
Zone: Community
Lot Size: 5×6
Price: n/a
Custom Content: Lots  (see CC list)


Near the edge of SimTopi is a forgotten old graveyard belonging to a derelict church abandoned many years before. Transients and curious adventurers have found their way here but they never stay too long.  Within these grounds, the restless ghosts of those who lie beneath the stones wander, playing out the memories of their lives and their deaths.  Other darker creatures have discovered this place  and have possibly made it their home.

I thought this would be an appropriate download in anticipation of Hallowe’en. :)  This lot was a set in my story but I’ve dressed it up a bit more to make it a little more functional as a community lot, particularly one where you could send your dearly deceased sims.

There really isn’t much you can do. Various homeless sims have brought in a small TV, and there are chess tables and interesting old gravestones for sims that like that kind of stuff. There’s also a pond for fishing. The lot probably is best used as a set for stories or screenshots,  particularly with the appropriate neighbourhood decor objects.

Ghosts are not included. But have fun making your own. ;)








Here’s the Lot in action,  from  Chapter 14.

Floor Plans


The Cellar

Main floor


[download id=”25″ format=”1″]

The very long CC list.  I recommend using Clean Installer to install this lot and sort out the CC.


Please let me know if there are any problems with this lot! Thank you and enjoy!

»Built with the following EPs/SPs:  Nightlife, Open For Business, University, Seasons, Freetime, Bon Voyage, Pets,  Apartment Life, Mansions and Gardens, Family Fun, Kitchens and Baths,  Celebration, Holiday Stuff, IKEA, H&M, Glamour Life.

* I recommend having all these installed in your game, otherwise I can’t guarantee that it will install properly.

To add this lot to your game, download and unzip the package file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin. Please use Clean Installler to remove any unwanted custom content.


  1. Thank you so much for this, this is exactly what I need for scene in my sims 2 story.

    1. Author

      Omgosh, I’m flattered you like it. I just came back from your blog and I’m already intrigued with your story. I’m definitely going to read more of it. :D

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