Zone type: University community lot
Size: 5×4
Price: n/a
custom content: objects, windows (see CC list)
EP/SP required: all (except for Teen Style)


Another community lot or set donated by the City of Simtopi to your neighbourhood.

I wanted an art school kind of set for the story (this lot featured in Chapter 10) so I built this and made it functional as a university community lot. Included should be all skill builders, as well as some arts and crafts hobby items. I’m really not sure what anyone else would do with a lot like this, but there was some interest in it, so here it is. :)

A lot of this was actually inspired by my alma mater, which  did have a great and varied technical art program.

Included:  Classes for sewing/fashion, craft and mechanical tables, an art gallery, library, cafeteria, espresso bar,  drawing studio, dance studio, arcade machines, vending machines, photo booth





You’re absolutely encouraged to use different art in the hallways and gallery.





And please feel free to redecorate these boring classrooms.


Floor Plans

Level 1

Level 2

[download id=”36″ format=”1″]

Please let me know if there are any issues installing these lots.  And as always, please feel free to do whatever you wish with these (except claim it as your own or upload to paysites. Ne pas de paysites!!)  Thank you!

Built with the following EPs/SPs: Nightlife, University, Open For Business, Seasons, Free Time, Pets, Bon Voyage, Apartment Life,  Glamour Life, Family Fun, Celebration, Kitchens & Bathrooms, IKEA, Mansions & Gardens

To add this lot to your game, unzip “Metro Window Set” folder into your downloads.  Unzip  the .sims2pack file to a download folder or your desktop. Double click on the package file and the installer will add the lot to your bin.

You can also download the full Metro window set by Tiggy027 set at Modthesims.

I would highly recommend using Clean Installer to install my lots.

CC list




  1. This is such a great lot, thanks for sharing it!

    My next project for my uni was going to be an arts and crafts building and here you are to save me the work! :D

  2. Absolutely stunning. Reminds me of my years at Varsity.
    Thank you so much.

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