Bartender:  â€œHit a nerve, did I? Am I sensing some kind of history?”

Denise: “Denise is my wife.”

Bartender:  “Well now. So you’re the big corporate bad ass she keeps going on about.”

Denise: “She talks about me?”

Bartender:  â€œSweetheart, you’re the reason there’s this big invisible wall keeping all those men at bay.  Give the lady some credit.  You know, a woman like that could probably have a Landgraab wrapped around her finger if she wanted it.” 


Clive: “Sometimes I think she should just be free to do that.  I’ve worked all my life to make sure she has the life she deserves, I’m not sure if it’s enough.”

Bartender:  â€œSo what’s the solution then? Work harder?  Make yourself even more distant?  If you think that’s all she’s after, then sweetheart, that’s your problem.  What I think is that Denise has made her choice.  You’re right, she does deserve mansions and gardens, and luxury party stuff… she also deserves the love of her life.” 


Bartender:  “Trust me on this. I know a gold digger when I see one, and that lady singing her heart out, talking up the father of her girls on stage… that isn’t what she is.”

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