Clive Baird, 2nd Generation Heir

He's now joined his beautiful wife, Denise.

Survived by his children, Jasmine Baird (Adrian), Cecilia Baird and Julian Baird.  His legacy lives on in his grandchildren, Colin, Jocelyn and Christina.

He's lived a very long, prosperous life in the sun, but seasons finally caught up to him and autumn soon came. 

(Clive did live a longer life than most,  I thought he was bugged and  I was almost tempted to cheat his death. However, he passed away shortly after the release of Seasons. I had this memorial sitting in my draft for months!)

This is the end of Part 6, and the legacy posts are now finally caught up with my current game.  Part 7 will take place in the Get Famous world, where we'll finally pick a Gen 4 heir. Finally. I mean it this time. :O 

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