East Harbour Center

Lot Type: Bar * 
Style: Inspired by Chinatown
Price: §159 010
Packs used: City Living, Get Together, Get To Work, Outside Retreat, Spa Day, Dine Out, Movie Hangout Stuff
Custom Content:  none

Available in the Gallery  
Search under EAid â€œbelledaisies” #eastharbourcenter
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You can’t have a Spice Market without seeds, and the East Harbour Center *is* seedy. For bored sims wandering aimlessly around the city, this is a Chinatown inspired community haunt where sims can enjoy a nectar or several, learn to hit things in the boxing gym, sing an off- key tune with that special someone in one of the private karaoke lounges, or just hang out on the roof.

* This lot is a bar, but you can rezone it as a karaoke lounge, or a gym.  It’s ideal as a replacement for the â€œWaterside Warbler” in the Spice Market district of San Myshuno. 

Check this out on Youtube. â€œBear Night” starts at 2:00.  

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