Unlike my Sims builds that were totally created with the Sims, the artwork used in those wall decor recolours is 100% mine.   I can do whatever I like with my artwork, even pulling a banksy and shredding it all up if I wanted to.  

Simsdom makes money by making you view ads or selling you premium accounts to get to content that is otherwise offered for free.  If you haven't signed up, they make you wait to download hoping you'll get frustrated enough to sign up.  No one's asked me if I wanted to be included in their shady links structure, and no one's offered me any compensation.  They can link my builds if they want, and honestly if you're still using them it's your time and money (but lol), but no one gets to make money off of my personal art unless we come to an agreement about it. 

I really am very sorry for free curators who've taken the time to link my stuff. I appreciate them so much, and I hated to go this route, but I have to protect my personal work.

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