Linnea and Lucas Fyres-Baird are the kids of Craig Baird (Gen 2 spare, 3rd-born) and Morgan Fyres.  I had recently been playing this family, and kind of fell in love with these kids.  Since I’ll probably not be spending a lot of time screencapping their lives, I thought I’d share them in the Gallery.  I love their faces. 

Lucas, the older sibling, is funny and outgoing and looking to become a comedian.  Linnea is in her late teens,  and though she’s unsure of her future at this point, she has a bit of a creative streak and may follow in her older brother’s footsteps. 

You can find them in the Gallery under my EA ID “belledaisies” as “The Fyres-Baird Siblings”.  (no custom content. Screenshots here are shown with skintone and eye replacements and a wee bit of makeup.)

Lucas : Friend of the World || self assured. outgoing. goofball
Linnea: Renaissance Sim || loves outdoors. vegetarian 

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