This is my personal response to nifty survey results compiled by @something-wicked-sims​ (Thank you so much for putting this together, it really is amazing!!!)

I didn’t participate in this survey, but I too have thoughts!

I personally like reading stories from all of the sims games, sims 2-4.  I have a love/hate thing with reading them on simblr, because of formatting and if you’re not up to date, you end up reading posts backwards.  Table of Content links do not work on the tumblr app, so I would visit them in a mobile browser if I’m that interested.  

So first note: If the ToC link isn’t easy to find on your website, I’m already moving on to something else.   Also, if your tumblr theme is NOT mobile-friendly, or better yet, responsive, chances are, I’m not bothering either.  (you’d think most tumblr themes are, but you’d be surprised)  43% of simmers primarily use mobile to browse/read simblr stories.

2nd: I use tags to find simblrs. I save certain tags, so posts come across my dash.  Tags work, at least on me. 

3rd: I like pretty pictures. It draws me in first.  I will always go by “A picture tells a thousand words” when it comes to sims stories.  As an artist, I like visuals! (Don’t think it was lost on me that this survey was put out as an infographic! So much <3 for that!) 

My ideal aesthetic is maxis-match content, not overly edited, not overly posed, with a diverse range of characters that don’t try too hard to be ‘edgy’. If there is custom posing, I prefer it to look natural with the game.  How many times do I see a story with predominantly gameplay screens and then bam, over-posed sex scene. It’s jarring. :p   

4th: I don’t care if your writing is bad. I will raise a judgy eyebrow if you do things constantly like use “should of” instead of “should’ve or should have”, but I get it, this is just a sims story, you probably don’t have an editor, I make mistakes too.  I DO care that your story is coherent and interesting to me though. But overall, writing catches less of my attention as pictures. 

5th: Least popular is sci-fi/action-adventure/crime/horror???? Those are my favourites. PLEASE point me out to some good ones.   I promise you, there is an audience out there! 

6th: I am in the lowest age demographic. D:  That sounds weird, but really doesn’t feel that weird. In any case, it’s kind of hard for me to relate to a lot of stories written by young simmers.  I honestly try to see past it, but then I think of myself when I was a teenager, and I start projecting.  This may be a personal failing, I cannot help this. This brings me to my last point…

7th: Communication on tumblr is shit.  I have an easier time following a thread on twitter.  There is no easy way, out of the box, to reply to people or start a thread without having to create a pointless reblog thread that frankly a lot of people on your dash may be out of the loop with.  I’ve been doing the social media thing before it was even called social media, and Tumblr is honestly the WORST. I use it because for some reason, there’s an extensive sims community on here, and frankly I like you people, so I deal. But I hate it so much. So very much. 

Ahem. In saying that, I don’t comment a lot on sim stories I like. I “like” posts a lot, and just so you know, if you see me “liking” it, it’s a genuine like, as in, I’ve read your post and I like it. I like engaging with simmers, but just the cumbersome way that happens, makes me not bother.   Obviously reblogs have more weight, and I do have an simspiration blog over at @lululounge.  I don’t do this as much as I like.  I wish it was easier to have a comment thread, but because tumblr is shit, we don’t get that, and no, third party extensions aren’t the solution. A platform that needs third party extensions to be usable is garbage.  

Did I mince my words enough? 

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