We sure are! Now before we jump into the schedules, we made a few changes this year! 

First, we added a second trick or treat weekend, because some people are too busy and miss their chance at participating! That way, everyone can find a time they are available to give treats or go around trick or treating. 

Second, a lot of people have been asking for a list of participating simblrs. There is no way to make an actual list since there are way too many of us, but we are trying something out. We have added a submission page on our blog so you can tell everyone you will be giving gifts! That way, your name will appear on the #2018 participant tag on the official Simblreen blog. You can find more details on how to do this here.

Alright! You’ve been waiting for it, here is the 2018 schedule:

• Now until Simblreen Weekend – Spread the word! Everyone talks up Simblreen

• Simblreen Weekend! Time to Trick ‘r’ Treat!

  • Friday, October 19th,
  • Saturday, October 20th, 
  • and Sunday, October 21st.

• Missed it? Last Chance Weekend

  • Friday, October 26th,
  • Saturday, October 27th,
  • and Sunday, October 28th.

• Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween! Show off pictures of all the awesome treats you got!

If you want to learn more about what is Simblreen and how to participate, check out our About page. This year’s Visual Guide is coming up soon, you can find it here (along with past years guides). We will also be making a separate post with more info on the submission process for participants.

Remember: Participate anyway you can! You don’t need to be able to make CC or even any sort of gift, you can simply trick or treat! Without trick or treaters there’s no fun!

I’ve always wanted to participate in one of these! Hopefully between Inktober and other stuff, I can offer one or two treats. :D  

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